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This platform contains material—text information, links, and images—provided by various third parties.
These third parties are partner organizations that submitted their RSS feed to AgriFeeds, therefore allowing AgriFeeds to aggregate contents from their RSS feeds.

However, in order to provide a better service, whenever possible AgriFeeds re-publishes more text and in some cases also images from the original articles.
This is a new feature and we are still working on ways to let feed owners either remove their feeds if they don't want their contents to be re-published, or keep contributing the contents of their feeds indicating that more text or images cannot be re-published.

Full provenance information is always provided for each individual item aggregated from external sources together with a link to the original page.

In general, source documents, images or web pages attached to or linked from AgriFeeds may contain copyrighted information and should only be used or distributed under terms included with each source or in accordance with the principles of fair use.

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