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Notice: The content of this page may be outdated at places, we are enhancing the service and some functionalities may behave differently. We will soon update this page accordingly.

AgriFeeds is a service that allows users to search and filter news and events from several agricultural information sources. It's a "one-stop shop" on recent news and upcoming events related to agriculture. 

AgriFeeds's main features:

  • aggregation of items from strictly agriculture related feeds: all the feeds have been registered in the CIARD RING, a directory of information services and datasets for agriculture
  • automatic indexing by country and categorization based on a controlled taxonomy (the FAO Technical Knowledge classification)
  • events are treated as a special type of news and are viewable through a Calendar and can be exported using the iCal format (can be loaded in the Outlook calendar).
  • browsing and filtering enabling creation of custom feeds: RSS outputs are available for filtering based on language, subject coverage, country, source feed.
  • RSS outputs include Dublin Core elements and event specific elements (see our Guidelines and FAQs) to allow creation of better value-added services on your part.  

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Using this service

AgriFeeds allows you to access:

  • A complete feed containing all the news/events items at the bottom of each Archive section.
  • Filtered feeds containing items that match a specific subject area: for example, "plant nutrition", at the bottom of the Browse by subject result pages.
  • Custom feeds: use the Advanced Search page to set the filtering criteria for what you need, then in the resulting page you will find the RSS link to the corresponding feed at the bottom.

In general, each time a user  is on a page with filtered results, a link to a "Filtered RSS feed" is always available at the bottom of the page.

Once you have the URL of your custom feed, you can read it with your news reader or embed it in your website: more information on this in our FAQ section.

Contributing to this service

The news and events items featured on this website come from feeds published by agricultural organizations and information services.

IMPORTANT: Since October 2014, the RSS feeds that are harvested in AgriFeeds come from the CIARD RING, so if you want your news items to appear here you need to register your RSS feed in the RING.


Create an account in the RING (, log in, click on "Add a service / dataset" and provide.all the required information plus some technical information essential for AgriFeeds to pick up your feed:

  • Under "Content", select "RSS feed" as "Type of service";
  • Under "Access to data":
    • provide the URL of the RSS feed in "URL / target / endpoint";
    • under "Technical details", select "RSS" as protocol and:
      • "RSS core metadata set" as metadata set IF your feed is a normal RSS feed (if in doubt, choose this);.
      • "Ag Event Application profile" as metadata set IF your feed is a feed of events: technically, this means that the RSS feed must contain metadata elements from the Ag Event Application Profile (see our Gudelines for more details);.
      • "Ag Job Application profile" as metadata set IF your feed is a feed of jobs / vacancies: technically, this means that the RSS feed must contain metadata elements from the Ag Job Application Profile (see our Gudelines for more details);.
  • Under "Network", select "AgriFeeds" and under the AgriFeeds link specify if it is a news feed, an event feed or a job feed (considering the technical indications above about the Application profile: if in doubt, choose "News feed").

The feeds can be both RSS feeds and Atom feeds, more in particular:

  • feeds of news in RSS or Atom format;
  • feeds of events in one of the following formats: RSS/Atom + Event namespace; RSS/Atom + Event AP namespace (see our Guidelines);

AgriFeeds synchronizes regularly with the CIARD RING. All feeds retrieved from the RING will be regularly crawled by the aggregator and all the items retrieved will be available for searching and browsing.

The quality of this service depends on the quality of the source feeds. Please read our Guidelines and our FAQs carefully before submitting your feed.

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