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Seventh International Poplar Symposium
Source: Forestry Events Feed
IUFRO 2018 - 15th Conference on Adaptive Management for Forested Landscapes in transformation
Source: Forestry Events Feed
Dialogue: tree plantations in the landscape
Source: Forestry Events Feed
The 53rd Session of the International Tropical Timber Council and Sessions of the Associated Committees
Source: Forestry Events Feed
Jornadas de Salicáceas 2017: Quinto Congreso Internacional de Salicáceas
Source: Forestry Events Feed
New Generation Plantations 2016 Encounter
Source: Forestry Events Feed
Regional Workshop on Bycatch Reduction Technologies and Best Practices
Source: FAO Fisheries Events RSS Feed
UN Habitat III
Source: Forestry Events Feed
17/10/2016 20/10/2016 Quito
Between tradition and increasing challenges: future development of small-scale and community forestry in times of global change
Source: Forestry Events Feed
26/09/2016 29/09/2016 Foz do Iguacu
SIMBig 2016 - 3th Annual International Symposium on Information Management and Big Data Cusco, PERU
Source: Events from Agricultural Information Management Standards Web site
29/08/2016 31/08/2016
Sixth International Conference on Innovating Computing Technology (INTECH 2016)
Source: Events from Agricultural Information Management Standards Web site
24/08/2016 26/08/2016
Seminario Regional Sudamericano acerca del Tratado de Singapur sobre el Derecho de Marcas (STLT)
Source: WIPO feed
05/07/2016 05/07/2016
Taller de la OMPI sobre servicios de apoyo a la innovación de valor añadido con base a la vigilancia tecnológica y a la inteligencia competitiva para el personal de los Centros de apoyo a la tecnología y la innovación (CATI)
Source: WIPO feed
05/06/2016 05/06/2016
E-mail conference on "Innovation systems for food security and nutrition: understanding the capacities needed"
Source: GFAR Events
20/04/2016 20/04/2016
COP21 side event: Colombia tackles climate change: Forests, agriculture and land use in a national green growth vision
Source: GFAR Events
16/04/2016 16/04/2016
WIPO Training Program on IP Marketing and Valuation
Source: WIPO feed
13/04/2016 13/04/2016
Twelfth International Conference on Technology, Knowledge, and Society
Source: Events from Agricultural Information Management Standards Web site
18/02/2016 19/02/2016 Buenos Aires, Argentina
PCT Union - Meeting of International Authorities under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)
Source: WIPO feed
17/01/2016 17/01/2016
Sub-regional Workshop on Copyright
Source: WIPO feed
02/12/2015 02/12/2015
Pilot Project on Intellectual Property and Design Management for Business Development in Developing and Least Developed Countries (LDCs): Argentina dn Morocco Case Studies
Source: WIPO feed
20/11/2015 20/11/2015


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