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Agricultural Livelihood Systems Expert for CRP-Dryland Systems

Agricultural Livelihood Systems Expert for CRP-Dryland Systems



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Main purpose of the position
The International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) in partnership with the collaborating institutions of the CGIAR Research Program on Dryland Systems (CRP-DS) has a vacancy for a well-qualified, enthusiastic senior agricultural livelihood systems expert.
The CRP-DS uses an agro-ecosystems approach to test and deliver strategies and tools to reduce vulnerability of the rural poor in drylands and to support the sustainable intensification of food production in higher potential dryland regions. They are seeking an individual with extensive experience in integrated agro-ecosystems research that involves biophysical, social, economic, policy and institutional dimensions and especially the interactions among the components of agricultural systems, including crop, tree and vegetable germplasm, livestock adapted to multiple environmental stresses, and the interactions and trade-offs between agricultural and other land use systems predominantly at the farm scale.
About Dryland Systems
The CRP-DS is a global research partnership to develop, test and out/upscale solutions to increase food and nutrition security, and improve livelihoods in the world’s most fragile agro-ecosystems. DS started in 2013 with an integrated agro-ecosystems approach to develop research to produce solutions to benefit low income countries and their rural communities. It combines knowledge from basic, strategic, applied and adaptive research using the latest innovation system approaches, communication and knowledge sharing strategies, and tools. The Program’s new thinking and findings will be harnessed to create measurable, sustainable, and large-scale impacts on rural livelihoods. With an annual budget of over $50 Million, the program operates in the five Flagship Target Regions of the West African Sahel & Dry Savannas, North Africa & West Asia, East & Southern Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, and is led by ICARDA with seven other CGIAR centers: ICRISAT, Bioversity, CIAT, CIP, ICRAF, ILRI and IWMI.
Details are available at:
The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) is an international autonomous, non-profit, research organization temporarily based in Beirut, Lebanon, supported by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR). ICARDA is committed to the improvement of livelihoods of the resource-poor in dry areas by enhancing food security and alleviating poverty through agricultural research, and the equitable use of natural resources. For more details:
Main responsibilities
The position will provide overall leadership in the implementation of agricultural systems research and will play a key role in determining the agro-ecosystems related research directions of the CRP. Networking with research groups within and outside the CGIAR will be an essential aspect of the position in order to implement research findings and outputs across a broad geographic range of global dryland agricultural systems.
The position is based in Amman, Jordan at ICARDA and will report to the Director of DS.
The senior agricultural livelihood systems expert will lead efforts at facilitating the development and management of integrated agro-ecosystems research within DS including the following duties:
1. Provide scientific and strategic leadership in the development and implementation of agro-ecosystems research within DS
2. Advise on systems-related research-for-development issues
3. Work with the DS M&E expert on developing systems
processes for data collection and analysis
4. Establish and maintain close contact with strategic research theme leaders to ensure a holistic approach is taken that considers the biophysical, social, economic, policy and institutional interactions of farm-level decision-making
5. Develop scenarios for land use improvement and/or change and management that can be presented in formats for policy
consideration and making
6. Engage with the diverse range of community, government and private sector stakeholders in pursuit of development impacts from dryland system research
7. Produce research publications, including in high Journal Impact Factor ISI journals, on integrated agro-eco-systems, in addition to data collation and warehousing for open access
Education, qualifications and experience
1. PhD degree in a relevant field in integrated agro-ecosystems research, agriculture and/or natural resources management with a strong background in integrated system modeling
2. Substantial experience exceeding seven years at an international level, which may include CGIAR, IARCs, universities, or other research-for-development (R4D) related organizations in the area of integrated agriculture research, NRM and systems research.
3. Excellent publication record in international ISI journals
4. Demonstrated experience in research proposal development and resource mobilization
5. Experience in teamwork and in partnership management in research, including partnerships cutting across research and development domains
6. Fluency in English. A working knowledge of either French or Arabic would be an added advantage
Friday, August 15, 2014
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