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The Investment Centre Division (TCI) promotes investment in agriculture and rural development in developing countries and countries in transition, assisting governments, international financing institutions and other development partners to achieve growth, poverty alleviation and food security.
Under the overall guidance of the Director, TCI, and the supervision of the Chief, TCIO, and as member or leader of a
multidisciplinary team, the incumbent will be responsible for financial, economic and marketing aspects of agricultural and rural development operations. In particular, the incumbent will:
• facilitate identification and preparation of investment projects and programmes;
• assess the feasibility of the proposals through studying market prospects, prices, costs and risks, and carrying out financial and economic analysis;
• evaluate performance of investment projects or programmes during implementation, and their impact after completion and make recommendations for future investments;
• assess investment implications of agricultural and rural development policies and national plans and programmes to address poverty alleviation, food security and climate change;
• develop and implement capacity building activities for private and public stakeholders on project preparation, appraisal and implementation and other related topics;
• enhance analytical and operational methodologies related to market analysis, economic and financial aspects, monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment;
• interact with senior government officials, development partners and beneficiaries to facilitate exchange of critical information and validate the findings and recommendations regarding the investment proposals;
• organize field missions and contribute to the quality control of Service outputs;
• perform other related duties as required;

Monday, December 5, 2011

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