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The Policy and Programme Development Support Division (TCS) aims to strengthen the linkages between the decentralized offices and headquarters technical departments in policy assistance, food security, programme and strategy development, resource mobilization and delivery, and associated capacity building in support of member countries and Regional Economic Integration Organizations.
The Resource Mobilization and Operations Support Service (TCSR) develops and implements FAO’s Resource Mobilization and Management Strategy (RMMS). It provides (i) donor liaison services and programming support; (ii) awareness raising for FAO's priority areas of work and information on resource partners priorities and policies; (iii) effective monitoring and reporting on the use of voluntary contributions; (iv) capacity building for the development of resource partnerships; and (v) advisory support to FAO offices, at global and decentralized levels, and liaison offices.
Under the supervision of the Chief TCSR, and in close collaboration with relevant units at headquarters and in the decentralized offices, the incumbent will:
• act as the Service official channel of communication and manage the liaison and coordination with assigned resource
partners, with a specific focus on middle income countries in Latin America;
• develop resource partnerships with national and regional institutions such as Ministries and Regional Cooperation
• contribute to the development of innovative modalities for cooperation with resource partners and emerging donors
• establish longer-term partnership agreements including partnerships for knowledge transfer with the Latin American and
African Regions;
• contribute to the development and implementation of FAO’s RMMS;
• disseminate information within FAO on the policies and priorities of the middle income country resource partner(s) and
prepare regular updated profiles and briefs on these resource partners;
• manage and monitor the project programme pipeline;
• facilitate operational clearance of development projects/programmes and monitor their implementation;
• provide management and operational support to projects/programmes, and ensure timely and adequate reporting to
resource partners;
• contribute to the development and dissemination of tools for resource mobilization, including capacity building, preparation of training material and delivery of training/briefing sessions;
• act as a focal point for the Impact Focus Area - Comprehensive Framework of Action (CFA);
• assist with the development of the resource mobilization web site and other web communication tools;
• perform other duties as requested.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

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