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New position of Business Development Manager at Bio-Innovate
The Bio-resources Innovations Network for Eastern Africa Development (Bio-Innovate) Program, seeking to recruit a Business Development Manager as part of the Program Management Team. Reporting to the...
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Regional experts meet to discuss sustainable management of industrial effluent in East Africa
On 19-20 May the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) of Ethiopia in conjunction with Bio-Innovate Program convened a two-day regional meeting in Addis Ababa that brought together environmental...
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Finger millet genomics project to provide researchers with better tools for variety production
Finger millet is a staple food for South Asia and East Africa where it has been grown widely for thousands of years. The importance of finger millet as one of the solutions to food security cannot be...
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Developing a clean system for sweetpotato and cassava: A Bio-Innovate Program initiative
In most of Africa, sweetpotato and cassava are the staple food and nutrition security crops that play a key role as food security and income generating crops particularly when the mainstream crops e....
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Project overcomes challenges to deliver mushroom and electricity from agro-industrial waste
Thursday, 30 Jan 2014 Project overcomes challenges to deliver mushroom and electricity from agro-industrial waste Tweet...
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Project overcomes challenges to deliver mushroom and electricity from agro-industrial waste
After two years of crippling difficulties in implementing their project activities, Bio-Innovate’s project on biogas and mushroom production from coffee and sisal waste is optimistic of finally...
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Bio-Innovate produces new and elite sweetpotato clones for smallholder famers to mitigate climate change
A team of scientists from Makerere University School of Agricultural Sciences working with Abeteraine Farmers Group in Hoima District, Uganda and funded by the Bio-Innovate Program under the potato,...
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Using biological control technologies on maize seeds to increase yields for smallholder farmers.
Joseph Oduor a farmer from South Alego location in Siaya County in Western Kenya is a constantly disappointed man. Poor yields from farming maize over the years have demotivated him. His biggest...
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Ethiopia project component raring to produce mushroom, biogas and bio-fertilizer from coffee waste
Deep in the heart of the southwestern region of Ethiopia is Jimma city. Accessing Jimma by road is a 410-kilometre trip with picturesque scenery passing through the breathtaking rift valley, the...
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Information sharing from the first Bio-Innovate Scientific conference
On 25-28 February 2013, Bio-Innovate Program successfully held its first scientific conference that was attended by over 150 participants ranging from the Program’s implementing partners and other...
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Linking capacity building activities to product development
Bio-Innovate has adopted this concept in conducting its capacity building activities. The Program is supporting both MSc and PhD students whose outputs are directly linked to specific project...
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Creating effective partnerships along the innovation value chain is key to delivering innovations to the end users
Bio-Innovate has invested heavily on partnership as its strategy to deliver bioscience and bio-resource innovations to the end user. Each of the consortium projects is carefully designed to include...
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First bio-innovate regional scientific conference kicks off today
This morning the program’s first gathering of its constituent scientific projects started in Addis Ababa. The three-day event was opened by Theresa Sengooba and aims to share the successes and...
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Consortium addressing key policy issues for the application and adoption of Bio-Innovate’s agricultural and environmental bioscience innovations
It is known that the eastern Africa region is plagued by perpetual food insecurity challenges influenced by outdated agricultural practices, overreliance on rain-fed agriculture, lack of an effective...
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Project 6 makes strides in diversification and commercialization of sorghum and millet value added products.
As part of the monitoring and review exercise for Bio-Innovate projects conducted between May and October 2012, the Bio-Innovate Program Management Team (PMT) traveled to Kampala, Uganda on 29-30...
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From wastewater to biogas and clean water: How a project consortium is contributing to climate change mitigation through agro-industrial waste water recycling.
Project consortium 5 on ‘integrated process for sustainable agro-process waste treatment and climate change mitigation in eastern Africa’ is a Bio-Innovate consortium project that aims to integrate...
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Bio-Innovate’s cassava, potato, and sweet potato consortium project on course to deliver sustainable innovative seed delivery systems in the eastern Africa
Friday, 15 Jun 2012 Bio-Innovate’s cassava, potato, and sweet potato consortium project on course to deliver sustainable innovative seed delivery systems...
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Sustainable utilization of agro-industrial waste: How a Bio-Innovate funded project is generating bio-energy and mushrooms from agro-industrial waste.
Project consortium 4 is one of the nine Bio-Innovate consortia projects whose aim is to create innovative technologies that will produce mushrooms and bio-energy from coffee and sisal processing...
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Makerere University on the forefront of delivering bioscience innovations
The Bio-Innovate Program Management Team (PMT) had a three-day extensive visit of Bio-Innovate consortia project run by Makerere University Kampala (MAK) on 12-15 July 2012. The itinerary included...
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Working with Africa’s orphan crops: Sorghum and millet project consortium strives to deliver more adaptable and high yielding varieties resilient to climate change
On 1-3 August 2012, the implementing partners for project consortium 1 on ‘Delivering new sorghum and finger millet innovations for food security and improving livelihoods in eastern Africa’ held its...
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