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Indian smallholder farmers could soon benefit from the growing confectionary peanut market, as the first-ever high oleic groundnut varieties adapted to India are ready for release.
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
Learning by doing helps mothers tackle under-nutrition in Malawi – showing significant improvements in just 3 weeks.
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
CGIAR Launches Program to Improve Rural Economies and Nutrition through Grain Legumes and Dryland Cereals
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
Celebrating a decade of genomic advances in agriculture
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
Pearl millet genome reveals how this cereal survives temperatures over 42 degrees Celsius
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
Mobile app to help farmers overcome crop damage launched in India
Are my crops doing well? is a question that plagues every farmer. Now an innovative multi-lingual plant disease and pest diagnostic app available on farmer’s mobile phones helps them identify pests...
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
Crop price prediction innovation wins ICT4D Data Jam
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
Developing climate smart crops is focus of ICAR and ICRISAT partnership in India
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
Smart Food show to promote healthier lifestyles in Kenya
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
InterDrought-V calls for modern agriculture technologies to combat drought
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
Innovation hub opens for agri-tech entrepreneurs
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
Microsoft and ICRISAT’s Intelligent Cloud pilot for Agriculture in Andhra Pradesh increase crop yield for farmers
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
First curtain raiser to popularize millets
About 50 media representatives and bloggers engaged with industry experts and state government officials concluding that while the value of millets is high, awareness is low and modern ways to use...
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
Annual Asian Science Park Association conference to be held first time in India
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
Approach to watershed management awarded best livelihoods CSR initiative in India
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
Success in increasing production of sorghum and millets by up to 150%
More than 180,000 households were reached with new technologies that increased the production of sorghum and millets by up to 150%
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
New initiative started to popularize hybrid pigeonpea for self-sufficiency
Mr Shobhana K Pattanayak, Secretary, Agriculture, Department of Agriculture Cooperation and Farmers Welfare (DoAC and FW), Government of India, has called on all value chain actors including farmers...
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
Global team cracks ancestor genome of groundnut
A scientific breakthrough on the DNA sequencing of the groundnut (also known as peanut) promises the development of improved groundnut varieties with enhanced traits such as increased pod and oil...
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
New ICT-Agriculture partnership can bring revolutionary change for farmers and food industries
An initiative to boost digital agriculture has been launched in a strategic partnership between the startup incubator of the Indian state of Telangana, T-Hub and the International Crops Research...
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases
Hack4Farming hackathon for the future of agricultural development in India
Over 100 participants including researchers, data analysts, computer programmers, developers and stakeholders came together at a two-day hackathon, to explore digital solutions to address...
Source: ICRISAT Press Releases


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