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World Bank investment boosts regional cooperation for West African agricultural research
West African countries are now in a better position to perform high-quality, production-boosting agricultural research than they were a decade ago, thanks to the West Africa Agricultural Productivity...
Source: ASTI News
New APAARI Partnership Supports Agricultural Research in Southeast Asia and the Pacific
ASTI is pleased to announce a new joint project with the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI) to collect, analyze, and disseminate data on agricultural research in...
Source: ASTI News
Position of Programme Leader, Farmers’ Knowledge Platform
Source: News from Access Agriculture
ASTI Successes:  country initiatives in ownership and institutionalization
A number of countries are taking initiative with ASTI data collection and outreach--institutionalizing the data collection process, disseminating the results, and embedding the data in national...
Source: ASTI News
Women take videos to Bangladeshi villages on their bicycle
Infoladies from iSocial will soon cycle throughout rural Bangladesh equipped with quality training videos hosted on the Access Agriculture video-sharing platform. The new partnership will add an...
Source: News from Access Agriculture
Mapping studies show use of—and need for—ASTI evidence
Parliament building, Dodoma, Tanzania. Credit: Shawn McCullars African policymakers are largely unaware of the ASTI program, but recognize the importance of evidence for agricultural research policy...
Source: ASTI News
Africa must invest in systems to harness future agricultural technologies
This blog by Ousmane Badiane was originally posted on the Malabo Montpellier Panel website. In order to compete on an equal footing in tomorrow’s global economy, African agriculture must embrace...
Source: ASTI News
Bangladesh Ministry backs “Videos for Farmers”
Source: News from Access Agriculture
Social Media Co-ordinator for Access Agriculture
Source: News from Access Agriculture
New portal supports women’s representation in African agricultural research
Women contribute important insights in agricultural research. Whether as government researchers, university professors, or senior research managers, their skills and perspectives are essential for...
Source: ASTI News
A new look at research investment goals for SSA
ASTI 2017 Countries in Africa south of the Sahara (SSA) are vastly underinvesting in agricultural research, an area proven to have positive impacts on agricultural productivity, incomes, nutrition,...
Source: ASTI News
Why agricultural research investment lags in Africa south of the Sahara
ASTI’s latest data collection and analysis from Africa south of the Sahara (SSA) exposes a persistent problem and a drag on sustainable development efforts: Growth in research spending is lower than...
Source: ASTI News
New Leadership Team elected for Access Agriculture
Co-founder of Access Agriculture, Paul Van Mele has been voted in as Chair of the organisation for a further 3 years.  He will be supported by Vice-Chair, Mary Kamau, former director of Extension...
Source: News from Access Agriculture
New ASTI data reveals slower growth in agricultural research spending than in other areas of agricultural investment in Africa
Updated datasets and analysis for Africa south of the Sahara (SSA) are now live on the ASTI website, including the new ASTI Synthesis Report, “A Comprehensive Overview of Investments and Human...
Source: ASTI News
Bangladesh and Nepal go full swing on farmer training videos
Source: News from Access Agriculture
100,000 visitors to Access Agriculture website
Source: News from Access Agriculture
Fairtrade Producer Networks join forces with Access Agriculture
Source: News from Access Agriculture
Let’s Celebrate International Mother Language Day
Source: News from Access Agriculture
Iranian students triumph on Access Agriculture website
Source: News from Access Agriculture
Access Agriculture’s new Executive Secretary takes office
Source: News from Access Agriculture


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