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Procurement Officer (Strategy and Capacity Development)

Under the overall supervision of the Chief, CSAP while adhering to the Organization’s prevailing rules and procedures, and with leeway permitted for the exercise of independent judgement, develop procurement policies and procedures; strategies and materials for increasing awareness and knowledge and skills regarding the procurement function. In addition, support , monitor and coordinate procurement related capacity development initiatives and programmes in HQ and the field to CSAP staff and non CSAP staff and organize and implement communication initiatives with stakeholders in the procurement function to ensure consistent, timely and accurate dissemination of information regarding the procurement function. In particular, the incumbent will:
? In coordination with the procurement management team formulate policies, procedures and strategies to support the
procurement function;
? Draft documents, policies, procedures and communications relevant to the procurement function to ensure appropriate transfer
of knowledge and information sharing;
? In coordination and consultation with the supervisor and senior officers of the service, identify and develop strategies for
procurement capacity development and skills enhancement requirements both in HQ and Decentralized Offices for FAO staff
and non staff resources;
? Coordinate capacity development and skills enhancement initiatives and programmes;
? Develop and maintain materials to support capacity development and skills enhancement initiatives/programmes using
available technologies including e-learning, face-to-face, video, or other appropriate dissemination techniques;
? Support development of procurement training capacity;
? Maintain and promote the use of the web based technologies (e.g. intranet, internet) to support capacity development and
information sharing;
? Liaise with other divisions as necessary to obtain information and support;
? Maintain statistics and relevant information about procurement capacity development initiatives and monitor impact of capacity
development and information sharing initiatives;
? Participate in procurement capacity development missions worldwide, as necessary;
? Perform other related duties as required.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

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